Necklace Engraving

Engraving special dates, names, or meaningful quotes onto a necklace can transform it into a reflection of individual stories and cherished moments.

This personalisation turns a simple necklace into a keepsake with profound emotional value making it an ideal gift for a loved one.

Celebrating Moments and Relationships

Ideal for various occasions, engraved necklaces serve as symbols of love, friendship, or personal milestones.

They are perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, or as tokens of appreciation.

Each engraving serves as a reminder of the significant moments and relationships in one’s life, enhancing the emotional bond shared between the giver and the receiver.

Timeless Symbols of Love and Affection

Engraved necklaces go beyond mere aesthetic appeal. They become timeless symbols, carrying messages of love and affection that endure.

This personal touch adds an extra layer of sentiment, making these necklaces treasured items that hold deep personal significance.

Can all types of necklaces be engraved?

Yes, we can engrave a variety of necklace types and materials, including gold, silver, and platinum.

However, the feasibility depends on the necklace’s design and surface area.

What can be engraved on a necklace?

You can engrave names, dates, short messages, or symbols.

The content depends on the available space and the necklace’s design.

How long does necklace engraving take?

Engraving within a few days is always guaranteed but if we’re able to do same day service, we will do so with pleasure.

Is it possible to engrave both sides of a necklace pendant?

Yes, depending on the design and thickness of the pendant, it’s possible to engrave both sides.

This option allows for more personalisation, such as a message on one side and a date or initials on the other.

The Guild of Master Craftsmen

Thank you so much for engraving the St Christopher for me. I am delighted with it all, particularly the beautiful script initials. I am hoping it will give a lifetime of pleasure to my son who is 13 and having it as his confirmation present.
Georgie, Coupelle Vieille, France

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