Glass Engraving

Whether it’s state of the art glassware from Sweden, traditional crystal from Stourbridge in the West Midlands, or bottles of perfume and Champagne; we guarantee that every piece of engraving will be of a luxury quality … and always reasonably priced.

Our hand and machine engraving encompasses all makes of glassware and crystal and we will be happy to advise on any particular project. Paying attention to every detail. From the size, layout, balance and font. We’ll ensure that the finished inscription complements the item beautifully.

Glass Engraving

Less is best

Sometimes, we’ll suggest concision, especially if it’s to convey a romantic message. It needn’t be endless.

Traditional presentations usually require a more formal protocol, with regards to the layout and wording. But whatever the occasion or project, your finished item will always bear a premium inscription.

Can any kind of glass be engraved?

Yes, including lightbulbs. And we’ve engraved glass bricks for building projects in New York and Dallas.

Can coloured glass be engraved?

Yes. Solid coloured glass, such as wine and Champagne bottles, or traditional coloured glassware can be engraved, no problem. The finish of the engraving is opaque and can sometimes be infilled with gold and silver waxes to enhance the appearance.

But some coloured bottles of perfume for example, are coated with a coloured film. These can sometimes be prone to chipping or lifting. These coated items cannot be guaranteed. In the same way that plated metals such as silver plated jewellery or salvers cannot be guaranteed against chipping. Although it’s fair to mention that this very seldom occurs.

How much is glass engraving?

It starts at 28.00

Can engraving be removed from glassware?

Sometimes. It’s not something we do, but we know a man who can.

Do you sell glass?

No, we don’t sell anything but engrave just about everything that can be inscribed.

The Guild of Master Craftsmen

Hi John, I received my vase back this morning and I just wanted to say what a fantastic job you’ve done. I’m absolutely delighted! Thank you very much.
Vicki Kitchen, SG World Ltd

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