Jewellery Engraving Service

We bring your jewellery to life with personalised jewellery inscriptions.

Whether it’s a ring, necklace, or a bracelet, our engraving services are designed to add a personal touch to your treasured items.

Postal Jewellery Engraving

We offer a convenient postal engraving service, meaning that we are never further away than your nearest Post Office.

Simply send us your jewellery, and we will engrave it with the utmost care and precision.

Once complete, we’ll send it back to you, beautifully engraved.

How Our Service Works:

  1. Initial Contact: Call us on 0774 0152394 or email to discuss your engraving needs and preferences.
  2. Visit Our Studio: If you live nearby you could visit our workshop located at Room 226, The Royal Exchange, Old Bank Street, Manchester, M2 7DD. We’re situated between Annie’s Restaurant and Watches of Switzerland.
  3. Sending Your Jewellery: If you prefer to send your item, use Royal Mail Special Delivery or Parcel Force for secure and reliable service. Address it to our Royal Exchange studio (highlighted above).
  4. In-Person or Remote Service: Whether you visit us or send your item, either I or my colleague Mark will assist you in the engraving process.
  5. Engraving Process: We will engrave your piece with precision and care, reflecting the details of your specified design.
  6. Collection or Dispatch: Collect your engraved jewellery from our studio or wait for it to be dispatched back to you if sent by post.

Types of Jewellery We Engrave:

  • Rings: Inside and outside engravings to capture special moments.
  • Watches: Engravings on watch casings for a unique touch.
  • Bracelets and Lockets: Ideal for engraving names, dates, or special messages on these intimate pieces.
  • Necklaces and Pendants: Customise these elegant pieces with personal engravings.
  • Brooches: Adding a unique touch to brooches, enhancing their aesthetic and sentimental value.
  • Earrings: Subtle engravings on earrings for a discreet yet meaningful personalization.
  • Bangles and Cuffs: Perfect for adding a personal message or significant date.
  • Jewellery Cases: Personalise these cases for a more intimate touch to your treasured items.

We are adept at working with a broad range of jewellery styles and materials.

We are equipped to provide a unique and personalised touch to any piece of jewellery, ensuring it perfectly captures your vision and sentiment.

Our Hand and Machinery Engraving Techniques

Our studio uniquely combines the art of hand engraving with advanced machinery techniques.

Hand engraving allows for intricate and personalised designs that reflect traditional craftsmanship.

In addition to this our state-of-the-art machinery engraving offers precision and consistency, ideal for more complex patterns and fonts.

This dual approach ensures that we can cater to a wide range of styles and preferences, providing our clients with the best of both worlds in jewellery engraving.


Can I send any jewellery for engraving?

You can send most types of jewellery, including rings, bracelets, lockets, necklaces etc. However be aware we are unable to engrave on gemstones, diamonds, or plastics. Our engraving services are best suited for metals like gold, silver, and platinum.

How long does the engraving process take?

Engraving within a few days is always guaranteed but if we’re able to do same day service, we will do so with pleasure.

The Guild of Master Craftsmen

Simply the best engraver in the business in my opinion, but most certainly the Manchester area. The services he provides are unparalleled, and always shine through with authenticity and passion as a craftsmen, rather than being a soulless commercial enterprise. Since I was 15, John has been my go-to for over 23yrs, long before the for age of the internet and when reviews rated someone’s talents and drew custom. Quite simply, his work and customer service speaks for itself and long may I hope he continues 6 stars all round.
Tim Davidson

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