Engraving Fonts

If you’re wondering whether your special inscription should be engraved in a traditional script font or something a little more modern, here’s a useful guide.

When it comes to capturing the beauty of words there are two basic options for the lettering used for your inscription – fancy or plain – with hundreds of variations to choose from. A fancy flowing script font is more traditional, but sometimes a plainer, more modern, font may be more suitable.

Monograms – more than words can say

One design I’ve always loved engraving is the traditional monogram. A set of intertwined initials in a flowing script font are the perfect example of where less is definitely more. And when space is at a premium, it’s often all you need.

A monogram of intertwined initials embellishing the lid of a perfume bottle perhaps. Or on a bottle of Champagne, are just a couple of possibilities. But whatever your item, a monogram creates a stylish and personal design that’s totally unique. And something to be treasured long into the future.

But what font to choose? Traditional or modern? The card shown below has been around for donkey’s years but may offer you a few ideas on the type of font you would like. Another great source of inspiration is our portfolio. Here, you’ll find our most recent pieces of engraving.

Alternatively, please get in touch by giving us a call or sending an email. Or simply drop in to our workshop, we’re always happy to offer some expert advice and helpful suggestions.

Manchester Engravers Card